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Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA
emulsion explosives manufacturing, industrial explosives, explosives identification, explosives engineering, explosives security, explosives hazop

Canon City, Colorado, USA
explosives storage magazines and silos

Redwood City, California, USA
spectrex, personal air sampler, particle counter, vreeland, spectroscope, voc, ozone monitor, analytical instruments, spectrex, explosive detection, explosives ...

Fairfield, New Jersey, USA
cartridge actuated devices inc., explosives, explosive devices, actuators, explosive bolts, pyrotechnics, pyrotechnic devices

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
chemical detectors, biological detectors, explosive detectors

Alton, Illinois, USA
delays, detonators, development, explosive bolts, explosives, fuzes, initiators, primers, pyrotechnic, research, squibs

Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA
explosives, propellant, safety, detection, security, forensic, bomb

Arvonia, Virginia, USA
mil-s-901, mil-std-167, mil-s-901d, explosive engineer, explosives, noise, pressure testing, shock, steel fabrication, testing, undex, vibration
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