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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
neville chemical, neville, synthetic, hydrocarbon, resins, coumarone-indene, pittsburgh, anaheim

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
rubbers, polymers, chlorinated rubber

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
polymers, nbr, nitrile rubber, vegetable oils, pvc, chemicals, petroleum, rubbers, epdm rubber, petroleum resins, sbr rubber, nitrile rubber(nbr), sbr, epdm, oils, ...

c9 petroleum resin, petroleum coumarone resin, petroleum resin, rubber viscosity increasing resin, styrene-indene resin, viscosity increasing resin

Yantai, Shandong, China
arene petroleum resin, c5 resin, high efficiency retain and filter aid intensifier, high-viscosity compound paper sizing agent, interval rotary paper pulp molding ...