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Ezhou, Hubei, China
layer, mould fittings, injection plastic, technology, tees, ppr, bends, molds, plastic and plastic, cavity mould, butterfly valves, valve body, plastic injection, ...

Vista, California, USA
tube bending, end forming

Busan, Busan, South Korea(Republic of)
aluminum pipe, composite, tees, pvc, bends, composite pipe, pvc pipes, female tee, foil: aluminum, valves, fittings, pipe aluminum, stainless pipe, through ball ...

Scandicci, Italy
aluminium, fashions, high -speed wood line pressing and planing machine, zinc, casting die and castings, aluminium - spinel castable, pressure casting die, high ...

Troy, New York, USA
metal stamping, precision, micro machining, micromachining, production, machining, toolmaking, toolmaker, waterjet, edm, jig, fixture, tooling, cnc, ...

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
tube bending tools, mandrel bending tools, tube bending tooling, bend tooling

South Bend, Indiana, USA
industrial machinery

bend with pedestal, elbow connection, equal diameter straight joint, fastening inside track, female screw elbow, inner die tee, negative screw straight joint, positive ...
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