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Columbus, Ohio, USA
consultaton, development, design, marketing, home electronics, pet products, guitar accessories, kitchen gadgets, gadgets, surge protectors

night vision goggle, night vision, heads up display, intensification, an/pvs-21, nvg, nvd, i2, lpnvg, sensor, sensor fusion

Palo Alto, California, USA
industrial sewing, milspec sewing, sewing contractors, medical device sewing, canvas products, equipment covers, equipment accessories, corporate banners, ...

Williamston, Michigan, USA
dies, tools, jigs and fixtures_special

Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
umi, lost wax, casting, molding, die casting, aluminum extrusion, plastics injection, bakelite, injection mold, hermosetting, thermosetting plastic, ...

Detroit, Michigan, USA
cooling application, cooling applications, heat pipes, heat transfer equipment, heating application, heating applications, heating elements, heating system ...

Columbia, New Jersey, USA
machine shops, precision turning, metal work, metal fabrication, ordnance, manufacturing, welding, small arms, hardware, fabricating, bending, accessories, ...
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