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Subang Jaya, Selangor., Malaysia
lamina, pliers, snare ear, dental instruments, scissors, tweezers, dental, spreader lamina, sms, well mouth, knives, instruments, laryngoscope, spreader, forceps, ...

Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
hook-up, knives, saws, wires, eye, scissors, spreader lamina, instruments, scalpel handle, bearings: needle, depressor tongue, scissors nasal, tongue depressors, ...

Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
pliers, micro, dental, well elevator, bows, instruments, ivory, rongeur, forceps, key, shears, rib, extracting forceps, bones

Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
well machine, parts of machine, sets, surgical instruments, dental, instruments, well parts, well drill, drill sets, cnc machine, machine parts

Punjab, Punjab, Pakistan
articulator dental, dentale hammer, spatulas, papers, suture, bone curette, mallets, flasks, instruments, rasps, depressor tongue, shears, probe, handles, sterilization ...

Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
dental equipment and supplies

Punjab, Punjab, Pakistan
bone curette, curler, probe, spatulas, flat handle, scoop, laryngoscope set, forceps hemostatic, forceps bone cutting, sponges, tray sterilization, fibre, forceps ...

Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia
packing card, scaler, bills, packing box, band box, upper, impression tray, dental needles, mouth mirror, mirrors, plastics, extracting forceps, plastic and plastic, ...

Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan
veterinary instrument, surgical instruments, dental instruments, linens, nipper, dental, tweezers, nails, instruments, scissors, surgical scissors, silks, whole ...
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