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Frisco, Texas, USA
shorts, short-sleeve, sleeves, petrol, buttons, down, prints, belts, handbags, jeans, dress button, dresses, short-sleeve dress, clothes

Millam, France, France
fibre, fibers, tow, flax shorts, flax, flax fibre, linens, shorts, long fiber, short flax, lines, slivers, spin, flax fiber, short fiber, long spin

Taguig, Philippines
blouses, fashions, children suits, shorts, crystals, kimono, suits, accessory

D St., Bulacan, Philippines
shoulder, shorts, bags, lady bag, shoulder bag, handbags, accessory

New Cumberland, West Virginia, USA

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
textiles, knitted sweaters, fleece, trousers, shirts, pants, sweaters, hoody, solutions, knitted shirts, woven shirt

Chicago, Illinois, USA
short-term business credit

Covina, California, USA
process control instruments
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