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96 Elkhala Sarot St.
Seuz, Seuz, Egypt   43111

hitec is a leading provider of telecommunication products for the hearing impaired that provide the freedom to communicate. hitec makes connection possible with the best available telecommunication products for the hearing impaired to help improve hearing and well as vision and mobility.

Products & Services

    • Amplifier Phone
    • Amplified Phone
    • Telephone Amplifier
    • Amplified Telephone
    • Amplified Phones
    • Phones For Elderly
    • Amplified Cordless Phone
    • Amplified Telephones
    • Phone For Elderly
    • Amplified Cordless Phones
    • Hard Of Hearing Phone
    • Hard Of Hearing Phones
    • Cordless Amplified Telephone
    • Phones For Hard Of Hearing
    • Amplified Corded Phone
    • Hard Of Hearing Telephones
    • Phone For Hard Of Hearing
    • Hard Of Hearing Telephone
    • Telephones For Elderly
    • Telephones For Hard Of Hearing
    • Ameriphone Amplified Telephone
    • Amplifier For Phone
    • Portable Telephone Amplifier
    • Phone For Older People
    • Phones For Older People
    • Telephone For Hard Of Hearing

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