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HyTest Ltd


Joukahaisenkatu 6
Turku, , Finland   20520

HyTest Ltd., founded in 1994, offers innovative solutions for assay development and research applications by providing high-quality immunological reagents in such areas as cardiac markers, markers to metabolic syndrome, infectious, neuroscience, and autoimmune disease reagents. HyTest is a leading provider of several reagents, such as antibodies and antigens of the troponin I, troponin complex and influenza A and B. HyTest manufactures high quality cardiac markers such as troponin complex, troponin I, BNP antibodies, NT-proBNP, proBNP, cystatin C, D-dimer, CRP, PAPP-A and myoglobin read more here. HyTest's wide range of markers to metabolic syndrome includes antibodies against adiponectin, insulin/proinsulin, leptin and retinol-binding protein 4. HyTest offers infectious disease reagents such as Adenovirus, HBsAg adw & ayw, Influenza A and B, Parainfluenza, Respiratory syncytial virus, Human papilloma virus, Toxoplasma gondii, Canine distemper virus antibodies and antigens as well
Year Established:
Annual Sales
US$5 Million - US$10 Million
iso 9001
Sales/Service Area
Europe, United States, Canada, Asia, Japan, Australia, South America, Africa

Products & Services

    • Troponin I Antibody
    • Adiponectin
    • Bnp Antibody
    • Cardiac Markers
    • Cystatin C
    • D-dimer
    • Erythropoetin Antibody
    • Influenza A Antibody
    • Insulin/proinsulin Antibody
    • Nt-probnp
    • Nt-probnp Antibody
    • Probnp
    • Probnp Antibody
    • Toxoplasma Gondii Antigen
    • Troponin Complex
    • Igfbp-1 Antibody
    • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Antibody
    • Troponin
    • Troponin I
    • Adiponectin Antibody
    • Canine Distemper Virus Antibody
    • D-dimer Antibody
    • Gapdh Antibody
    • Influenza B Antibody
    • Leptin Antibody
    • Retinol Binding Protein
    • Avian Influenza Antibody
    • Cystatin C Antibody
    • Toxoplasma Gondii Antibody
    • Papp-a Antibody
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