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Lomont Molding

(319) 385-1528

1516 E. Mapleleaf Drive
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, USA   52641

Lomont IMT utilizes in-mold technology to manufacture industrial safety signs, Lockout/Tagout safety products, pressure sensitive labels, and equipment tags. A subsidiary of Lomont Molding Inc, Lomont IMT creates a wide variety of high-quality safety marking products with infused graphics that meet ASTM, ANSI and OSHA safety sign requirements. All our industrial safety signs, tags, and labels are abrasive and chemical resistant; water, steam and salt water resistant; and UV rated. Several high visibility colors are available.
Year Established:
Annual Sales
US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
SBA HUBZone Certified
Sales/Service Area
United States, Canada, Europe, Asia

Products & Services

    • Industrial Safety Signs
    • Safety Tags
    • Lockout Tagout Equipment
    • Scaffold Tags
    • Equipment Tags
    • Caution Signs
    • Warning Signs
    • Danger Signs
    • Caution Tags
    • Warning Tags
    • Danger Tags
    • Traffic Cone Toppers
    • Lockout Tagout Supplies
    • Lockout Tagout Locks
    • Lockout Tagout Tags
    • Lockout Signs
    • Lockout Locks
    • Lockout Kits
    • Safety Inspecition Tags
    • Custom Safety Signs
    • Custom Safety Tags
    • Utility Signs
    • Rebar Support
    • Scafflod Tags
    • Lockout Tagout Safety
    • Lockout Tagout
    • Lockout Stations
    • Safety Padlocks
    • Electrical Lockouts
    • Padlock Hasps

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