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730 S. Indiana Ave.
West Bend, Wisconsin, USA   53095

Pick Heaters, Inc. manufactures Direct Steam injection Heating Systems. Pick Direct Steam Injection Systems heat any water-miscible liquid or aqueous slurry instantly on a continuous straight-through basis. Plus, they hold the outflow temperature to extremely close tolerances, regardless of fluctuations in steam, water pressures and outflow demand. The Pick system injects into the liquid through hundreds of small orifices for instant and uniform blending. A unique spring-loaded piston maintains steam pressure in excess of water pressure to eliminate steam/water hammer. Pick heaters cut fuel costs as much as 28 percent compared to indirect shell-and-tube or plate heat exchangers because 100 percent of the heat energy in the steam is absorbed by the liquid. There is no condensate to be vented, wasted or reheated. And with no condensate return, there is no need for high maintenance steam traps.
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Products & Services

    • Heat Exchanger
    • Steam Injection
    • Pick Heater
    • Jet Cooker
    • Process Heating
    • Hot Water Heater
    • Steam Heater
    • Jacketed Heating
    • In-line Cooking
    • Sanitary Heater
    • Clean-in-place
    • Nitrogen Injection
    • Variable Flow Heater
    • Constant Flow Heater
    • Hot Water Set

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