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tsi incorporated designs and manufactures precision instruments used to measure flow, particulate, and other key parameters in environments the world over. they help people identify and solve measurement problems, often playing a pivotal role in process design or testing, and are used in industrial, university, and government facilities in every industrialized country, in nearly every major industry and technical discipline.
Annual Sales
Above US$100 Million

Products & Services

    • Gas Mass Flowmeters
    • Respirators Fit Testers
    • Ultrafine Particles Counters
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Laser Doppler Particle Image Velocimeters
    • Air Velocity Temperature Relative Humidity Meters
    • Particle Sizers Counters Generators
    • Hot Wire Thermal Anemometers
    • Laboratory Hospital Room Pressure Controls
    • Aerosol Mass Spectrometers
    • Capture Balance Hoods
    • Nephelometers
    • Air Filter Testers
    • Industrial Hygiene
    • Gas Masks
    • Dust Monitors
    • Carbon Dioxide Monoxide Gas Detectors
    • Hvac Systems
    • Micromanometers
    • Fume Hoods Face Velocity
    • Adaptive Offset Controllers
    • Optical Patternators
    • Aerosols Dispersers
    • Fluid Flow Diagnostics
    • Macromolecules
    • Wind Tunnels
    • Portacount
    • Q-trak
    • Dusttrak
    • P-trak
    • Everwatch
    • Sureflow
    • Pressura
    • Inspectair

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