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Oxford, Pennsylvania, USA
pyrolysis, thermal desorption, extraction, dynamic headspace, trace analysis, pyrolyzers, thermal desorbers, autosamplers, sample concentrators, py-gc, ...

Ambala, Haryana, India
cheese, powder, culture, milk, cream, through screw, ampoules, test glass, sampler, glass tubes, type, glass test-tube, test tubes, cap screws, auto, culture bottle, ...

Omaha, Nebraska, USA
pfa, nebulizer, microflow, apex, pc3, icpms, icp-ms, icp-aes, sample, introduction, purecap, endcap, spray, chamber, autosampler, probe, torch, icp, pfa-20, pfa-50, ...

laboratory apparatus and furniture

San Luis Obispo, California, USA
through screw, lead screw, no lead, drive screws, autosamplers, drive, screw drive, screw pumps, well pumps, drive pump, syringes, pump screw, syringe pumps
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