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Santa Barbara, California, USA
digital delay line, digital delay generator, programmable delay line, attenuator, rf delay line, programmable attenuator, digital attenuator, phase modulator

Bellevue, Washington, USA
delay lines, electronics, phase shifters, pulse generators

Bellevue, Western Australia, Australia
delay lines, electronics, phase shifters, pulse generators

San Francisco, California, USA
vme, vxi, camac, timing system, timing generator, digital delay, digital delay generator, ddg, delay line, time delay, time stamp, timing distribution, ...

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
high speed imaging, motion analyisis, picosecond, nanosecond, microsecond, gated intensified, ccd, slow motion, slow motion photography, high speed camera, ...

Campbell, California, USA
hotronic hotronics hd video audio dual channel gen-lock sdi aes/ebu pal yuv tri-level frame synchronization 1080p hdmi

Santa Clara, California, USA
semiconductors and related devices
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