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Hamden, Connecticut, USA
cord coiled retractile, cord electric retractile, wire coiled cord, cord sets coiled, cables electric coiled cord electric coiled, power coil cords, communication ...

Menlo Park, California, USA
custom cable assemblies, retractile cords, interconnects products bay associates wire technologies inc.

Seabrook, New Hampshire, USA
manufacturer, custom, chains, ladder, sprockets, convery, jack, proof, coil, roller, miniature, stainless, steel

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
plastic molds, smt, composite, shield, flats, air springs, chips, ceramics, shielded power inductors, multilayer chip inductors, choke coil, power wire, miniature ...

Camden, Maine, USA
miniature microphones, electret microphones, small microphones, electroacoustical transducer, electromagnetic transducer, minature, miniature, protected, ...

Mount Kisco, New York, USA
electronic coils and transformers

Hartlepool, Cleveland, United Kingdom
canted coil, spring, ball, precision, engineering, precision engineering, component, miniature, ceramic, co-ordinate, measuring, styli, calibration, ...

Sugar Land, Texas, USA

Camden, Maine, USA
acoustic, transducer, communications, microphones, speakers, headsets, design, development, concealment, system, integration, medical, device, assembly, ...
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